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English for Business (written)

Preliminary level

The examination verifies that candidates have mastered basic practical reading and writing skills in English, and have reached a “survival” level in business English.

level 1

Designed for candidates who, as a part of their job, deal with English-speaking counterparts regularly in a functional capacity. A basic functional level of English language skills is required.

level 2

A more advanced syllabus than Level 1, this examination is for candidates whose work involves them in extensive contact with English speakers. Expected skills include writing and understanding familiar business correspondence, giving complex instructions and explanations. This qualification is intended for candidates who are able to communicate in a familiar business situation effectively and with only minimal assistance or supervision.

level 3

This examination is aimed at candidates for whom establishing and sustaining English speaking business relationships is essential, and at those considering relocation to an English-speaking country. The skills attained at this level should be sufficient for the candidate to participate in all complex areas of business. Level 3 is generally the standard required for entry to English-speaking universities.

level 4

The highest level of EFB expects candidates to be fully fluent and participate completely in all areas of business. This includes reading, understanding and producing complex business texts in a variety of genres.

Written English for Tourism (WEFT)

level 1

Designed for desk and reception staff in travel agencies, airlines, hotels, tour operators and tourist information centres, Level 1 WEFT reflects the materials most commonly used in the tourism industry such as booking forms, maps and timetables.

level 2

Level 2 WEFT is appropriate for staff involved in administrative and managerial roles in the field. Skills are developed further from First Level to develop increased comprehension of related materials


Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)

level 1

Designed for candidates with an understanding of English in a commercial context who have the ability to use the language at a basic functional level

level 2-4

This qualification is designed to meet the spoken business language requirements of candidates whose mother tongue is not English.

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